As a part of the Indo-German Startup week 2021, at the Enabler Day on 21 September, we will dive deep into Corporate-Startup Ecosystems and how they go hand-in-hand with innovation. 

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How can we help startups expand cross-border with the support of corporates and innovation hubs? How did foreign founders make it in Germany or India? Here is a quick look at the different panels at Enabler Day and what they will offer you:  

Keynote:  Importance of Corporate-Startup-Engagements (CSE) by Shradha Sharma, Founder, Yourstory media

Before we expand into various types of corporate-startup partnerships on Enabler Day, our keynote speakers will give an overview of why startups and corporates need to work together to innovate. How can startups help corporates in growing fast and why do startups need the infrastructure and resources to scale. Is it a symbiotic relationship? Which party is at the receiving end? Or is it something that could be an equal partnership? 

Confirmed keynote speakers :

1. Gerd Hoefner, Siemens Healthineers

2. Hemanth Sheelvant, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

3. Shradha Sharma, Founder & CEO, YourStory


Panel: Enabling startups without borders – Relevance, Mechanisms and Success stories

Global expansion is a crucial step for startups to scale. But Covid-19 has made this even more challenging. How can government institutions, NGOs, or private agencies enable startups in cross-border expansion? What should startups consider before choosing the right enabler? When is the right time to reach out for help? We talk to public and private enablers that specialize in the internationalization of startups.  

Confirmed Speakers:

1. Christian Lorenz, Managing Director, Code_n (DeHub Stuttgart)

2. Dr. Rainer Seider, Head of Unit International Cooperation, Berlin Ministry for Economics

3. Dr. Sumedha Chouthe, Program Director Asia, German Accelerator

4. Praveen Mokkapati, Deputy Director, NASSCOM Moderator: Deepak Nautiyal (Headstart)

Startup Stories: Startups transcending borders

India and Germany have differences: culture, working style, and business models. But some startups have made it from one country to another or are in the process of transcending borders. What has been their secret sauce for the go-to-market strategy, and what are the hiccups in this journey? What can we learn from the existing cross-border expansion stories? We hear from Startups who have made it and startups that are in the process of transcending borders. 

Confirmed Speakers:

1. Aruna Schwarz, CEO, Stelae Technologies

2. Frauke Kempken, Head of Sales, Entrafin


Startup Stories: Contact to Contract: Working with corporates as a startup

The potential for collaboration between corporates and start-ups is huge. To make it work both should treat it as an equal partnership, be open for learning and embrace the differences. The challenge for many corporates is that innovation relies on having different points of view, driven by shared values this may not come easily. Start-ups may thrive because they are agile and are able to think outside the box, however running a successful business also requires a solid operational model and proper processes. The answer may lie in a collaboration where the corporate can learn agility and the start-up can access resources to scale up. We share startup stories who have been a part of this journey. 

Confirmed Speakers :

Gaurav Johri, Co-founder & CEO, Doppelio


Panel: Disruptive corporate innovation in deep-tech: Roadmap for Indo-German startups

Corporates often identify innovative ideas, evaluate them, and allocate resources to support the development. These innovations range from new product introductions to new processes or systems. But growth brings its own set of challenges. Large and well-established corporations are particularly prone to slow change and getting stuck in their ways. They tend to build upon existing products rather than rethinking the wheel. But recently, corporate innovation is an attempt to spot those opportunities first; if your business doesn’t adapt to changing circumstances, someone else will be more than happy to take your place in the market. How can corporate accelerators help in speeding up this process by supporting early-stage startups?

Confirmed Speakers:

1. Maren Lesche, Founder & CEO, Startup Colors

2. Uday Prabhu, Head of Innovation & Connected Products, Bosch

3. Manjunatha Kukkuru, AVP and Principal Research Analyst, Infosys 4. BASF (tbd) Vijetha Shastry, Executive Director, TiE (Moderator)

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