As part of the GINSEP webinar series “Navigating the new normal: Preparation for the post-COVID-19 era” the GINSEP Live Pitches took place on 16th of July 2020. GINSEP aims to strengthen and foster exchange between India and Germany in the startup ecosystem and support Indian and German startups in their efforts to gain access to the respective other market. Together with the GINSEP network partners the GINSEP team set up live pitches for indian and german startups from the Digital Health, Mobility or Industrial Digitization sector. They had the unique opportunity to pitch in front of a jury of experts and win exclusive benefits from our network partners, such as participation in accelerator programs, mentorship, participation in the AsiaBerlin Summit, AWS and Google Cloud Credits and much more etc.!

Six start-ups per sector were selected out of 80 applicants to hold a 5 minute pitch, followed by a Q&A session with our renowned jury. The event was kicked off with a welcome and reverse pitching session from the jury and further network partners and followed by the pitches. Up to 300 participants got inspired by 15 reverse pitches by our networking partners and 18 pitching startups and their stories. Additionally they had the chance to connect to Indian and German enabler organisations and build up their network! “Very glad to be part of the sessions and Jury. Great quality. And let’s do our best to grow the entrepreneurs and bring ecosystems together.”, says TiE Bangelore, one of GINSEP network Partners.

GINSEP congratulates the Digital Health startups Canostix and Wellthy Therapeutics, the Industrial Digitization startups BlinkIn and FwCloud Technologies (a.k.a. AirProbe) and the Mobility startups ClearQuote and Intellicar Telematics for winning.Congratulations to all the startups! Was fantastic being part of the jury and interacting with startups and fellow jury members. Thanks GINSEP for organising the live pitch event!”, emphasizes Shyamnath Harinath, General Manager Innovation Management and Digital, Siemens Healthineers.

Special thanks to the main network partners: IIMB NSRCEL, India Accelerator, Excubator, Siemens Healthineers, Clear, MainStage Incubator, VW, TiE Bangalore, German Accelerator, AsiaBerlin Summit, Nasscom, WiFö Karlsruhe, SAP Startup Studio and BSH Startup Kitchen. They have supported the GINSEP team not only in the promotion and evaluation of the startups but also in giving out amazing prizes to the winning teams.

The new Normal Pitch. What a great session. Thank you to GINSEP and the entire Jury Members. Life goes on. No Corona or anything can stop it. The best part is, we save a lot of time and save a lot on travel and carbon emission. Looking forward to more such events.” – Co-founder BlinkIn

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