Welcome to our Talent Page! Together with our partners Candidate Select (CASE) and Meetra, GINSEP wants to connect Indian talent and German startups. Here jobseekers and startups can find relevant information on the recruitment and application processes that will be a useful start. 

Soon we will be announcing workshops and share startup vacancies here, so stay tuned!


You’re based in India but you´d like to work in Germany? Here we’re providing links to websites that might help you realizing this goal: 

1. make it in germany

This page is made from the Federal Government of Germany and provides a ton of information. Especially you’re getting a great overview and you’re able to make an online test so see what you might have to pay attention on!


This page of the German Academic Exchange Service is targeted at people trying to enroll for higher education in Germany, plan their semester in Germany or find a side job while studying. The page provides information that matter to you if you’re any kind of student in Germany so it will be worth your time!

3. gobroad.com

This page is probably not the most detailed and advances but still… It provides some inside information for you everyday life in Germany both home and in the job! How to go grocery shopping? Ho to greet your future boss?

4. germany-visa.org

Here it’s all about a visa! How to get a visa as a freelancer? What requirements do you need to match as an applier? What does it mean to have a visa or Germany? What are the differences?

5. academics.com

This page powered by one of the biggest weekly newspaper in Germany: “die Zeit” provides you a tremendous overview! Also you can learn about issues you haven’t thought before like, income tax, health insurance and German etiquette. Another great advantage point of this page is the information of different German cities. What city is the right one for you?

6. internations.org

Here you´ll find useful information on ways to apply in Germany, write CVs, application letters, where to find job vacancies, how to network and many more! Also this page provides insights into the average income you can expect in certain jobs!


1. arbeitsagentur.de

You as a German company would like to employ workers from India? In this Document by the “Agentur für Arbeit” you’ll find the best overview possible! From visas, over types of employment to country-specific issues… Here you’ll find everything you need!

2. bmas.de

This page is provided by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (the same ministry that is funding GINSEP in case you wondered…). Here a great overview of the chances and challenges of the employment of foreigners is provided!

3. ihk-berlin.de

The international chamber of commerce of Berlin is helping you navigating the jungle of regulations! You´ll find a very helpful video and plenty of links easing your life!


Case has developed a tool, with which you can assess a rating of your job applicants without creating any additional work for your applicants or recruiters. Fully-automated and easily-integrated, for example as an app in SAP Successfactors. This enables companies to fairly compare degrees and utilize the information collected through years of study. Case has collected more than 300,000 grade distributions and tested 310,000 student to enable a certain reliability of the product!

You´ll find more about Case on: https://www.candidate-select.de/en!


We have made it our mission to support talents to start a successful career in Germany by easing the process of coming to and getting started in Germany. Our team of experts knows how challenging it can be to apply for jobs abroad and find your way in another country. With a broad range of customers from well known international corporates to start-ups to top ranked universities across Germany, meetra already is a well established brand in the Indo-German context. Learn more about the team behind meetra on our website meetra.de or on LinkedIn and check out our YouTube channel.