Since its inception GINSEP organised 150+ events ranging in format and focus.

Some formats proved to be very successful so we turned them into projects:

Softlanding Programme


Initially we organised a number of delegation trips. First offline, then virtually during the pandemic. We figured that there are many capacities that can (and ideally should!) be build before the startups are actually traveling to the other country. So we came up with our Softlanding Programme, in which startups follow a 10-Steps-approach of capacity building before the actual delegation trip.

Usually one cohort takes around 3-4 months and has a sector or thematic focus. The 10 steps are usually organised across 15-20 sessions with different experts from the GINSEP Network.


Here are the 10 Steps that are taken during the Softlanding Programme:

  1. Regional Opportunities: orientation can be pretty tricky in Germany. Difference regions offer different opportunities. In this part we’re shedding light to different parts of Germany for the startup to identify the right region to enter the German market.

  2. Setting up your business: maybe the most obvious topic. How to I incorporate my business in Germany? GmbH, UG or something else? What will be the charges and how long will it take to be operational? Besides these basics we will also talk about taxes, GDPR, and IPR in this part.

  3. Business Communication: jaja, ze Germans…in this part we let seasoned Indian entrepreneurs share their do’s and don’t’s about navigating the German mentality from an Indian perspective. Consider it to be an expert talk combined with a mini-intercultural-training.

  4. Market Strategy:  In this part, we will assist you to develop your own expansion blue print. With the support of different tools and methods, we will identify the products & solutions you can sell in Germany, support you in conducting a market analysis, help you to assess your competition and determine if there are any other product specific regulations you have to adhere to.

  5. Marketing & Sales: Germans are known to be risk adverse. The same applies to German buyers working in SMEs or corporates. Consumers on the other hand value high-quality prodcuts. In this session, we focus on identifying key sales channels and develop key messages targeted at attracting German clients..

  6. Know your Sector! In this port we invite experts from different sectors to speak provide insights into the respective fields. Coming from different backgrounds, the speakers provide different perspectives to the topics that enable the participants to better prepare their market entry strategy.

  7. Working with Corporates & SME: Both corporates and SMEs (the so-called German Mittelstand) offers a lot of opportunities in terms of accessing new clients and knowledge. This part focuses on a hands-on guideline how to successfully work with corporates and SMEs in Germany and introduce a number of relevant networks.

  8. Identifying Partners & Programmes: Having the right partners by your side during your expansion process is of utmost importance. Germany has a range of investment agencies, acceleration programs and other enablers that can help you in this process. In this part we will introduce you to various potential partners and programmes. In targeted matchmaking sessions, you will have the chance to ask all your questions and identify a partner/programme that suits your needs.

  9. Navigating German Bureaucracy: Navigating the German bureaucracy is not easy. Next to the language barrier finding your way through the bureaucratic jungle can be quite a challenge. In this part we will help you in mastering this, from visa to Bürgeramt, from Bank Account to Ausländerbehörde. Different experts will share their advices and knowledge in this session.

  10. Funding: Expanding to another country is a costly undertaking and raising funds in Germany might be also on your list. In this part we will shed light on different sources of public and private funding you can avail to set up and operate in Germany. The session will help to you identify the right investors and/or subsidies that are available.

Currently the Softlanding Programme is offered only to Indian startups looking at Germany.


Together with experts from the GINSEP Network – many times GINSEP Ambassadors – we offer Masterclasses for different target groups (mostly startups, but also e.g. incubators or investors).

The Masterclasses are workshops to build capacities on a particular subject. In the past we organised Masterclasses with a sector focus (e.g. Future Mobility or Digital Health) or on other subjects like Social Selling, Intellectual Property, Investments, Compliances and CSE.

In case you would like to organise a Masterclass with GINSEP, reach out to us.

Indo German Startup Week

The Indo German Startup Week (IGSW) is GINSEP’s Flagship event. This five-day (online) event brings together startup ecosystems of Germany and India to create an impact for entrepreneurs, talent, investors, academia that are looking for support to internationalize.

The IGSW covers interactive panels, fireside chats, startup stories, immersive workshops, startup pitches, and curated networking with German and Indian accelerators and investors.

In the past we organised different thematic days: the Flagship Day / summit with talks from public playes, a Corporate Day incl. workshops with Indian and German corporates, a Talent Day, a Science day and an Investor Day.

Stay tuned for updates on Edition No. 3!