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Let’s go on a digital journey to Germany! Together with 4 regional partners we’re giving 14 selected startups from India operating in the digital health or industrial digitization space the chance to go on a digital trip to Germany from October, 26th-30th! During the trip you’re going to have the chance to meet investors, regional partners and other startups, participate in workshops
and get insights into different German startup regions. Read the eligibility criteria below and fill out the form, if you’re an Indian Startup and you’d like to participate!




Cologne / Düsseldorf

First stop: BERLIN

We’re going to start in the capital! It’s the biggest startup region in Germany and has the highest startup funding in the country (3.541 Mio. € in 2019) which ranks second place behind London in the European Ranking. Berlin is the German Fintech hotspot. 34.8% of all Fintech startups in Germany are based out of Berlin. The most common business model of local entrepreneurs is SaaS. Asia is a relevant market for many Berlin-based entrepreneurs: 36.6% of Berlin Startups are planning to internationalize to Asia. Apart from these hard facts: Berlin is a great Startup city. It offers an amazing entrepreneurial network, a rich history, three big universities and a rich culture.

Second stop: MUNICH

Let’s go South! According to “Munich Startup” currently over 1,300 Startups are operating in Munich. With health startups like “Ottonova” or “Kaia Health”, the city of the Oktoberfest is well represented in the health startup sector but also AI, Mobility and Real Estate Startups are relevant startup sectors. With local Founders Festival “Bits & Pretzels”, the city is also a place for the global startup scene. Founders of huge unicorns like Virgin, Airbnb, Shazam, Tinder, and Evernote have taken part in the summit. So it might not be the worst idea to have Munich on your Startup Bucket List!

Third stop: KARLSRUHE

Karlsruhe and the whole Baden-Wuerttemberg region are mostly famous for big companies like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch and Trumpf. But apart from these big global players small startups have evolved in the last years that profit from the innovation and engineering culture in the region. One of the biggest examples is probably the drone cab Volocopter. The Bruchsal-based company collected €1.3 Million Seed Funding from private Investors in only 3 days – a European record! (The company also reached out to Asia when it flew over Singapore’s Marina Bay in 2019.) But apart from this example Karlsruhe has much more to offer! First of all a big startup community, networking opportunities and the KIT – one of Germany’s premier institutes for technology and excellence. Start-ups can also benefit from strong competence networks in the field of SmarterCity development such as Digitization and Smart Production, Energy and Mobility. Finally, the City of Karlsruhe is a pioneer in Indo-German business exchange with its own Innovation and Cooperation Office in Pune that opened doors back in 2014.



The North-Rhine Westphalia area is the biggest conurbation and industrial region in Europe with an enormous potential for the B2B segment. It comes as no surprise that the region is home to a large set of creative founders! Both cities – Cologne and Düsseldorf – offer excellent networking opportunities for young entrepreneurs. The biggest sectors present in the NRW region are the IT, insurance and healthcare sector and founders are often coming straight from one of the many universities in the area. One of the newest hotspots for heathcare startups in the region is the Digital Health Germany Assocation that brings together stakeholders from industry, academia and the private sector. Düsseldorf/Cologne is the region where innovative start-ups can meet established corporations and where providers meet users. Companies locating here become part of a strong network of digital companies and traditional corporations. One of the leading startup events to meet industry and connect with the ecosystem is the “Digital Demo Day”, a Startup Expo & Conferece for Industrial Tech in Düsseldorf. Over 20% of the all startups from NRW are planning to expand to Asia.

What is the theme?

  • The delegation trip will run digital over a period of 5 days, and is open to product/service start-ups in the DIGITAL HEALTHCARE (Telemedicine, Web-based analysis, Big data solutions, Wearable devices, Clinic or remote monitoring sensors, Health system engineering, Machine Learning, etc.) & INDUSTRIAL DIGITISATION (Automation, IoT, Industry 4.0 Smart Solutions such as 3D printers, robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, etc.) sector from India
  • A total of 14 spots is available – 7 for each sector
  • You will get an opportunity to develop your products or services further, validate your business plans, exchange ideas, develop synergies, meet potential clients and customers, present your business model to investors and build globally competitive businesses
  • You will get access to a pool of experienced entrepreneurs and dynamic mentors including corporates and other stakeholders, new markets and potential partners

What are the key value propositions for the applicants?

  • Access to tools that can help you build a sustainable enterprise through business expertise, international networks and mentorship
  • Possibility to discuss collaboration and formation of joint working teams
  • Cross-continental connections and partnerships
  • Opportunity to collaborate with corporates and other partners beyond the trip for further support in the areas of mentorship/infrastructure/technology
  • One-to-one interactions with leading experts and intermediaries with significant on ground experience in Germany
  • Enterprise showcase opportunities during an expo
  • Raising your profile and visibility through media publicity

What are the qualification criteria?

While each of you is unique and will be different, we are on the lookout for startups with

  • Commitment and interest to scale to Germany
  • Innovative and creative product/solution in the DIGITAL HEALTHCARE & INDUSTRIAL DIGITISATION SECTOR
  • Clear evidence of market demand for the product or service demonstrated by performance data from at least a pilot or proof of concept
  • Business growth model demonstrating potential for market expansion
  • Clearly defined interest in cross-border collaboration and demonstrated potential benefit from and to the trip

What are the key dates?

  • The application form can be accessed now via the GINSEP Website:
  • Submissions are accepted until 2nd October 2020 (23:59 CET). The applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts and you will be notified of the final selection on the 10th October 2020.
  • The trip starts on 26th October 2020, and runs for 5 days until 30th October 2020. The program requires a full-time commitment. If you apply for the trip, please make sure that you would be available the entire week.

What is expected of applicants if they are selected?

If you are selected to participate in the delegation trip, we expect that you will

  • Attend all workshops, meet-ups and session
  • Complete all assignments in a timely fashion
  • Provide your feedback and ideas for future collaboration after the program

What’s the program format?

The trip is going to include…

  • Workshops with Germany based facilitators (experts and company professional) touching around topics of business modelling, regulations, raising capital and tools/techniques to grow your startup)
  • One-on-one meetings with corporates, investment agencies, companies, etc. who will help guide you through the expansion process
  • Digital meet-ups with ecosystem stakeholders from the different cities (Berlin, Munich, Karlsruhe, Düsseldorf and Cologne)
  • Digital city tours to familiarize with the city and the actors present in the location
  • An Expo to showcase your startup to potential investors, corporates and other ecosystem actors