Workshop: The Future of e-Health in Germany, India and Indonesia

E-Health is one of the hotly debated topics when it comes to the future of medical treatment!

Especially the social impact of innovations in the health sector is enormous: Long distance patient dialogue, the use of online diagnostic tools or changing business models of medical treatments are just some developments in answer to the current challenges. These challenges can be geographical as in remote islands in Indonesia or rural areas as in India or they can be social as in a move of population to cities leaving rural areas strechted as in Germany. Startups are key drivers of the transformation of the health system, they quickly bring research results into practice and push digitalization in the sector forward.

This workshop will take a glance at the situation in the three different countries. Touching upon the latest study by the German Startup Association "Innovation in the Health Sector", the special role of startups as innovation drivers is highlighted and will give practical examples of the solutions that startups are developing in response to their challenges. It will hopefully initiate a discussion on the future of E-Health and put a spotlight on the topic.

We would be very pleased about your participation!

10:00 MESZ/ 1:30pm IST/ 3:00pm WIB - 13:00 MESZ/ 4:30pm IST/ 6:00pm WIB

Contact Person

Julian Zix
Project Lead GINSEP