Raising Startup Funding Abroad

Growing a startup is not only about market expansion but also investor expansion. Going international without mentorship and capital from abroad is difficult. How do you find and convince angels and funds in your target markets to back you? Michail Kosak, Co-founder & CMO of DueDash, an investor relations toolkit, that enables founders to become investable and raise funding, will show you how to raise funding abroad. From the data, documents and questions you need to prepare to how you can reach out and convince the right set of investors. Not only is DueDash used by startups and investors in over 70+ countries already, their team also raised abroad themselves, winning over a reputable NYC-based venture fund investing into the German startup. Beyond that, the founding team consists of serial entrepreneurs and investors with 40+ global startup investments. Learn what it really takes to raise abroad.
13:30 (CET)/17:00 (IST) - 14:30 (CET)/18:00 (IST)

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Eileen Trenkmann