Webinar: How startups can master Social Selling to scale their businesses in Germany

Social Selling has become increasingly important but equally challenging over the past year. An increasing number of startups and Outbound Sales teams are pursuing aggressive outreach tactics to their customers through social media to generate leads. Most decision makers have noticed this trend and are fed up and annoyed with unpersonalized sales tactics that are focused on short-term lead generation. Also capturing attention of B2B decision makers in general has gotten dramatically harder. Generating demand, leads and revenue with potential customers on social media channels can become even more difficult when trying to enter a new market like Germany. Social media behavior is fundamentally different in each market. To help you build your brand in Germany using Social Selling, GINSEP is running a webinar with Moritz Spangenberg (Founder, CEO Unlock LinkedIn) and GINSEP Ambassador on February 17 between 12:00-13:00 (CET) / 16:30-17:30 (IST) on How startups can master social selling to scale their business in Germany.


  1. Why Social Selling tactics do not bring results anymore
  2. Winning Marketing and Sales Strategies
  3. Why and how to leverage personal branding
  4. Infusing leading content into your playbooks
  5. Playbooks that generate revenue
  6. Q&A

Moritz is the Founder and CEO of Unlock LinkedIn, a marketing and advisory company that is helping B2B startups and small businesses to skyrocket their sales and marketing success on LinkedIn. He works as an ambassador and mentor for the GINSEP program, holds an Executive MBA and has gathered his experience as a management consultant at KPMG, founder and marketer working with numerous companies.

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12:00 (CET) / 16:30 (IST) - 13:00 (CET) / 17:30 (IST)

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