Workshop: Managing Data Protection and Privacy in Germany

The European Union aims to protect every citizens data and privacy at the highest level. Since May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has formed the common data protection framework in the European Union which intendeds to ensure the protection of personal data within the EU on the one hand, and also to guarantee the free movement of data within the European internal market on the other. However, the GDPR not only strictly regulates the data transfer between companies within the EU bus also with third countries. Thus, also non-European companies are obliged to reach the high standards of the EU-GDPR for successfully cooperating with German companies. GDPR fines are designed to make non-compliance a costly mistake for both large and small businesses. To help startups that are targeting the German or European market to understand and comply with the GDPR and thus to facilitate their smooth way into the German market, GINSEP, in collaboration with CEFE International and with support from GIZ, is conducting a webinar on November 22nd, 2021. Leaving this 90 minute workshop, you will know:

  • What is the General Data Protection Regulation?
  • What is personal data?
  • What are the most important rules of GDPR?
  • What are Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC)?
  • First steps to comply with GDPR (Website and E-mail)

Our discussion will be led by Jennifer Stander (Data protection and privacy expert at CEFE International).

11:00 (CET)/15:30 (IST) - 12:30 (CET)/17:00 (IST)

Contact Person

Eileen Trenkmann