How to expand to new markets and win

Webinar “How to expand to new markets and win”

Expanding into new markets can be nerve wrecking, filled with uncertainty. It brings a new set of challenges: having sufficient funding for expansion, adapting the product to the new market, and knowing the customers you will be selling to. What good is a business if you have the latest and greatest technology and product, but no one actually uses it? According to a CB Insights study, 6 of the top 10 reasons for startup failures are a lack of customer or user understanding: not meeting their needs, not listening to them or even ignoring them, with “no market need” as the number one reason why startups fail.

To win, you need to build products that have the user at heart. Users (or customers) are a startup’s most valuable asset. How they apply your product is what counts. As founders, you need to understand how your product will fit into their lives, how and when they will apply it, and for what need. You need to know what makes them tick.Building a "user-centric" culture is about empowering your startup to make decisions that put the user at the center of all product and business initiatives.

To equip startups with the right tools and strategies and put their users at the center of all business steps, GINSEP, in collaboration with CEFE International, GIZ, and Useristics, is conducting an interactive workshop webinar on "How To Win In New Markets" for startups. You will leave this workshop, knowing:

  • Key considerations you need to understand when entering new markets
  • The winning framework that silicon valley companies have used to develop winning strategies that focus on the user at the core of product development and market launch (and not as an afterthought)
  • Create and deliver value to your users because you truly care about creating value

This 90-minute workshop is geared to provide actionable insights that you can apply immediately at your own startup. The workshop has an applied learning format, where we work together. 60 minutes workshop and 30 mins Q&A to give founders a chance to address their current challenges.

The workshop will be led by Tina Nayak and Paul Harwood, founders of Useristics. To learn more about the company, visit: Register for the event on the right side of the page.

Your instructors 

Paul Harwood, Ph.D, is an expert in international market and user research. Today he conducts research for numerous brand-name tech companies, both large and small: from pre-seed startups to some of today’s most celebrated international unicorns. Paul brings over 20 years of research and teaching experience to Useristics. He combines the rigor of academia with hands-on in-market commercial experience, as prior to his roles as Market Research Lead at Twitter and User Sentiment researcher at Facebook, Paul was an Associate Professor, and a Research Fellow at the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Paul is an accomplished educator and researcher. He is the co-author of Educating the First Digital Generation (2007), has had his work published in leading academic journals, and is the recipient of several research and teaching awards, but he’s happiest when he is halfway around the world conducting market and user research. 

Tina Nayak is an international growth and product marketing expert for tech startups. She has 14 years of experience scaling businesses and teams based on proven marketing and execution frameworks in India, EU and US. She’s worked in senior marketing and growth roles at Babbel and Preply in the EU and Zipdial (acquired by Twitter) and Rentomojo in India. Her expertise lies in building product messaging that connects with users across their customer journey. She strongly believes that when companies understand their users, growth is inevitable. Previously, she also founded and sold her first startup in 2013. Tina brings together a strategic and hands-on approach to solving growth problems across a variety of business models, such as Ed-tech marketplaces, subscription, sharing economy, and e-commerce. She’s a startup person at heart and enjoys mentoring other founders at Techstars Berlin, GINSEP and Berlin Founders Fund (BFF - Silicon Allee). 

Key markets we have expertise in: N. America (U.S. & Canada), LATAM (Brazil & Mexico), EMEA (France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK), APAC (Australia, Indonesia, India, Japan, S. Korea) 

About Useristics 

We started with the core ideas of helping founders and professionals fall in love with their customers, building empathy and honing intuition. We realized there’s no go-to source of information for understanding users. Businesses have to reinvent the wheel, creating their own processes and playbooks as they grow. Because understanding users is critical to a company’s long-term growth. That’s why Useristics exists. We are the user understanding company. We help ambitious, growth-oriented businesses build a culture of ‘human-centered thinking’. We do this by better understanding their users — attitudes, behaviors and context — so they can build products and experiences their users can’t live without. 

Together, we have 35 years’ experience creating long-term, sustainable growth for businesses who need to achieve product-market fit or prepare for an IPO, and everything in between.

12:00 (CET)/15:30 (IST) - 13:30 (CET)/17:00 (IST)

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