Webinar: Best-Practices - Internationalisation Programs of Startups in Germany

Expanding to another country and capturing global markets is every start-ups dream. However, it requires a well-prepared internationalisation strategy as well as a combination of trial and error. The term “liability of foreignness” is well known in the business literature and describes the inherent disadvantage as well as the additional costs that foreign companies face when expanding into other geographies.

In order to mitigate these risks start-ups must choose their markets carefully and plan ahead. Incubators, accelerators and other start-up multipliers play an important role in supporting start-ups to go global. In Germany a variety of actors have set-up their own internationalisation programs for start-ups. They often not only support outbound but also inboud internationalisation.

In order to introduce the most succesful internationalisation programs in Germany, GINSEP in cooperation with GIZ is conducting a webinar on Best-Practice: Internationalisation Programs for Startups in Germany on 30.06.2021 between 12:30-14:00 (IST). During the webinar some of the Best-Practice Internationalisation Programs for Start-ups in Germany will be presented. We will have a deep-dive into 6 successful programs from Germany: their program design, activities, funding, KPIs, success stories & challenges.

The webinar is open to Indian incubators & start-ups! Please register under the link on the right side!

12:30 (IST) - 14:00 (IST)

Contact Person

Eileen Trenkmann