Virtual Incubator Tour to Germany for Indian Incubators

We can’t meet in person this year, but because we believe entrepreneurial ventures between India and Germany are part of the answer, we decided to do a Virtual Incubator Touruntil we can again. Together with CEFE International we are excited to lead you through the German Startup Ecosystem with a special focus on incubation in order to help you explore the German market, learn from best-practices, increase your capacity, develop internationalisation programs for your startups and identify potential partners in the German startup ecosystem. Starting on May,19th to June, 4th, with two dedicated days a week 3-4 hours each, 15 selected Indian incubators will have the chance to peek behind the doors of some of the German markets leading incubators and other ecosystem players. We will lead your incubator from understanding the peculiarities of the German market to creating an actual internationalisation plan, designed to support startups in your cohort to venture into international market. Additionally, we will provide capacity building sessions to make your incubator internationally succesful. We will then conclude our 3week program with a matchmaking session where you can connect directly with German incubators, corporates, R&D institutes, and other potential partners, to make your plans reality. Have we caught your attention? Press the link on the right side for more information and to apply! 
19/05/2021 - 04/06/2021

Contact Person

Eileen Trenkmann