Indo German Startup Week 2021

Five-day Snapshot: What’s new this year at IGSW 2021?

Second time in a row, we are proud to present the Indo German Startup Week 2021. This five-day online summit brings together startup ecosystems of Germany and India to create an impact for entrepreneurs, talent, investors, academia looking for support to internationalize.

The summit covers five days of interactive panels, fireside chats, startup stories, immersive workshops, startup pitches, and curated networking with German and Indian accelerators and investors. Register now to save your spot.

Startup ecosystems are vibrant and huge - both in India and Germany. Hence, this year, we decided to focus on a niche topic each day for the different target audiences in the ecosystem. A quick look at the five days and what they have in store for you:

Flagship Day on 20 September: On the first day of the Summit, we will focus on the broad aspects of fostering Indo-German Cooperation in startup ecosystems. We will present startup success stories in the Indo-German context and highlight the topic of diversity when we do cross-border business. How can India and Germany work towards social transformation in times of crisis?

Enabler Day on 21 September: We will dive deep into Corporate-Startup Ecosystems and how they go hand-in-hand with innovation. How can we help startups expand cross-border with the support of corporates and innovation hubs? How did foreign founders make it in Germany or India?

Research Day on 22 September: Whether you are building a science-based startup or leading a university incubator in the research field - you don’t want to miss the curated Research Day. We will expand into opportunities for research-based or science-based startups in India and Germany. You can also expect international market entry recipes for university incubators and research institutions.

Talent Day on 23 September: Great international talent is necessary to run a startup - in India or Germany. On talent day, we welcome talent (of course!), recruiting firms, corporates, startup founders and teams, and anyone interested in hiring from India and Germany to discuss how Germany and India can exchange exemplary talent. How can the journey be made easier for companies and candidates while hiring international talent? How to build teams across borders with remote employment?

Investor Day on 24 September: With a workshop focusing on the topic ‘Investing Abroad- Outgoing Channels, Regulations & Taxes’, the Investor Day aims to give an insight to Indian investors that are looking to invest in the German startup ecosystem. We are bringing together startups and investors from India and Germany through startup pitches and investment fund pitches to create new partnerships. In addition, there will be an in-depth discussion on investment hiccups where investors and entrepreneurs will share their stories of mismatched investments.
Take a look at the initial program here as we keep updating with detailed panel descriptions and speaker announcements.

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20/09/2021 - 24/09/2021

Contact Person

Amrita Gandikota
Representative India / Bangalore