Design Thinking and Agile Innovation in a Crisis

Together with Siddharth Peter de Souza and Mahak Chhajer from d-van GINSEP is hosting an inspiring online session on Design Thinking and Agile Innovation in a Crisis. In the wake of Covid 19, the corporate sector ? both startups and large companies, are confronted with challenges that they have not witnessed before. From the lack of liquidity and increasing losses to the uncertainty of demand and rapidly evolving technological requirements, the sector has key choices to make in order to survive this phase. In other cases, adapting to a new form of working which is online and remote work has not been easy for organizations. The pandemic has also expedited a number of key changes in consumer behaviour. In these times, it is imperative for companies to remain nimble and innovate quickly to remain relevant in the changing world order. This workshop enabled start-ups to develop strategies and tools in order to be future ready to deal with challenges brought about by economic, social and technological uncertainty, especially in the aftermath of Covid 19. Given the impact of Covid on the startup sector, the content of the workshop specifically focused on the current situation with the skills pertaining to problem solving and agile thinking are lifelong skills that will continue to support companies in the long term.


Contact Person

Julian Zix
Project Lead GINSEP