It is time for the second digital startup delegation trip to Germany! This year, GINSEP supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has joined hands with CEFE International under the umbrella of the MSME Innovation project implemented by GIZ on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supported by the Indian Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MoMSME) to bring about an amazing line up of sessions and potential partners to you. Between May, 31st to June, 4th, 15 selected Indian startups from the area of Tech4Good will have the chance to get an exclusive deep dive into the German market to plan their expansion and identify potential partners. We will enable your entry into the German market in 10 easy to follow steps. Each selected startup will be assigned a mentor during the week to work on your expansion plan. Despite opportunities to further validate your business model, meet potential partners, understand the German startup ecosystem, we will host a final demoday allowing you to gain access to German and Indian investors. But don’t be upset if you do not make it among the 15 selected startups, many sessions will also be accessible to all of you, providing you a hands-on guideline on how to access the German market. Have we caught your attention? Read for further information below!



Germany is Europe’s biggest market and offers many advantages for startups. Within Germany, every region has developed its own key value preposition. While Berlin is known to be the startup hub of Germany, particularly being home to a high number of green startups, Munich is home to many startups operating in the mobility & insurance space. Hamburg on the other side hosts large numbers of companies active in the logistic fields. During the “REGIONAL OPPORTUNITIES” sessions, we initially provide an overview of the German startup ecosystem and its advantages and will then conduct a deep dive into the different regions of Germany to give you useful information on hand to chose your dream location in Germany. Additionally, you will have the chance to interact with different actors from the regions.


Every country has its unique culture and way of doing business. Building trust and communicating openly is one of the most important aspects of doing business in Germany. In the “INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION” sessions, we will highlight the cultural barries Indian entrepreneurs might face while working in Germany. Seasoned Indian entrepreneurs will outline their biggest fails and will provide tips and tricks on how to navigate the German mentality.


Setting up a business is not an easy task and brings along various rules & regulations. In Germany you can chose from a range of legal forms best suited for your intended business purpose. During the “SETTING UP A BUSINESS” sessions, we will provide you insights on legal requirements while setting up a business and will support you in identifying the best-suited legal form for your operations in Germany.


Formulating a strategy for going global requires the same kind of planning and market analysis needed for success in domestic markets. During the “MARKET STRATEGY” sessions, we will help you to develop your own expansion blue print. With the support of different tools and methods, we will identify the products & solutions you can sell in Germany, support you in conducting a market analysis, help you to assess your competition and determine if there are any other product specific regulations you have to adhere to.


Sales and marketing are crucial topics for every entrepreneur and can determine your success or failure. Germans are known to be risk adverse. Same applies to German buyers working in SMEs or corporates. Consumers on the other hand value high-quality prodcuts. In the “MARKETING & SALES” sessions, we will support you to identify key sales channels and develop key messages targeted at attracting German clients & customers.


Working with corporates & SMEs (the so-called German Mittelstand) offers a lot of opportunities in terms of accessing new clients and knowledge. During the “WORKING WITH CORPORATES & SME” sessions, we will provide you a hands-on guideline how to successfully work with corporates and SMEs in Germany. Additionally, we will introduce you to a range of corporates and SMEs you could partner and work with in the future.


Having the right partners by your side during your expansion process is of utmost importance. Germany has a range of investment agencies, acceleration programs and chambers of commerce that can guide you during this process. In the “IDENTIFYING PARTNERS & PROGRAMS” sessions, we will introduce you to various partners and programs that can facilitate your way into Germany. In targeted matchmaking sessions, you will have the chance to ask all your questions and identify a partner/program that suits your needs.


Navigating the German bureaucracy is not easy. Especially language barriers often prevail international startup founders from settling in Germany. In the “GERMAN BUREAUCRACY” sessions, we will help you to navigate the German bureacracy and will give an outline on which visas you can chose from to come to Germany, which taxes do you have to pay as a business owner, which rules and regulations do you have to follow when hiring employees, etc.


Settling in Germany also means a personal change and brings along various changes. In the “SETTLING IN GERMANY” sessions, we will give you useful tips on how to find a flat in Germany, where to register once you arrive in Germany and how to integrate in the German community.


Expanding to another country is an expensive process and requires sigificant resources. In the “FUNDING” sessions, we will provide an overview of different sources of funding you can avail when operating in Germany. Additionally, we will support you in preparing your funding pitch and will give you an exclusiv opportunity to pitch your business model to selected Indian and German investors.


What is the theme?

  • The Digital Delegation Trip will run digital over a period of 5 days with 3-4 dedicated hours, and is open startups operating in the field of Tech4Good. If you have technology startup in the healthcare, energy, cleantech, agriculture, food, etc. sector that addresses a societal or environmental challenge, you can apply for the trip.
  • A total of 15 spots are available to be part of the entire delegation trip (including the demoday and the targeted matchmaking sessions), however, general knowledge sessions will be open for everyone who applies.
  • You will get an opportunity to develop your products or services further, validate your business plans, exchange ideas, develop synergies, meet potential clients and customers, present your business model to investors and build globally competitive businesses.
  • You will get access to a pool of experienced entrepreneurs and dynamic mentors including corporates and other stakeholders, new markets and potential partners.

What are the key value propositions for the applicants?

  • Access to tools that can help you build a sustainable enterprise through business expertise, international networks and mentorship
  • Possibility to discuss collaboration and formation of joint working teams
  • Cross-continental connections and partnerships
  • Opportunity to collaborate with corporates and other partners beyond the bootcamp for further support in the areas of mentorship/ infrastructure/ technology
  • One-on-One interactions with leading experts and intermediaries with significant on ground experience in Germany
  • Enterprise showcase opportunities during the final demoday
  • Raising your profile and visibility through media publicity

What are the qualification criteria?

While each of you is unique and will be different, we are on the lookout for startups with

  • Commitment and interest to scale to Germany
  • Innovative and creative tech products / solutions in the area of Tech4Good (any sector)
  • Exisiting & validated business model
  • Business growth model demonstrating potential for market expansion
  • Clearly defined interest in cross-border collaboration and demonstrated potential benefit from and to the delegation trip

What are the key dates?


  • The application form can be accessed now via the GINSEP Website:
  • Submissions are accepted until 10th May 2021 (23:59 CET). The applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts and you will be notified of the final selection on the 15th May 2021.

Delegation Trip

  • The Delegation Trip starts on May, 31st, and runs for 5 days until June, 4th 2021. The programme will typically run between 1PM-4PM IST. The program requires a full-time commitment. Selected startups that do not attend all session will not get the chance to pitch in front of investors at the end of the trip. If you apply for the delegation trip, please make sure that you would be available the entire week.

What is expected of applicants if they are selected?

If you are selected to participate in the bootcamp, we expect that you will

  • Attend all workshops, meet ups and session
  • Complete all assignments with your mentor to plan your expansion in a timely fashion
  • Provide your feedback and ideas for future collaboration after the program

What’s the program format?

The Delegation Trip will include

  • One-on-One meetings with corporates, investment agencies, companies, etc. who will help guide you through the expansion process
  • Digital meet-ups with ecosystem stakeholders from different cities
  • A mentor on your side who will plan your expansion to Germany wth you during the week
  • A demoday at the end to showcase your startup to potential investors, corporates and other ecosystem actors



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