Sachidanand Swami

Sachidanand Swami

Founder and CEO, Invoxel Technologies 

Mr. Sachidanand Swami, is the Founder and CEO of Invoxel Technologies working on the field of interactive smart surface for smart interaction for multiuser and is the driving force behind Invoxel’s commendable position in the Technological Innovation.

Mr. Swami is Treasurer of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi Alumni Association and Executing Member of IIT Delhi alumni Association. He is also heading the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Promotion / Women Entrepreneurship & Empowerment.

He is a Mathematics and Computing Graduate from 2008 Batch from Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT) Delhi had keen interest into designing and so; he worked with research groups across Europe and at Department of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Design and Development Centre (IDDC), IIT Delhi for developing solutions to technical aspects of Product Design. His passion for integrating hardware and software technologies led him seek his journey for developing multi user digital smart surface technology product for smart interaction domain and found his fervor materialize into cutting edge technology product startup – Invoxel. While he was in Denmark Technical University, worked on Graphic Simulation associated with Toyota.

Mr. Swami and his Tech Company Invoxel have won many accolades including the prestigious Grant of Technopreneur Promotion Programme (TePP) by Department of Science and Technology (DST) in 2013 or the Top 6 Innovators Award at Alumni Day IIT Delhi in 2014.

Area of expertise/interest: Cutting edge technologies and its market, Digital Interaction Technologies , Inter boarder Business networking, Digital Economy , Networked in Startup and Business community in Global Village