Rohit Kapur

Rohit Kapur

Country Manager, Dezan Shira & Associates

A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Rohit Kapur started his career in 1985 with a joint venture of Danfoss AS, Denmark in New Delhi in India. He rose to become the President and member of the Board of Directors of the Company in 1997.

In 2006 Rohit moved to set up the operations of another Scandinavian Company, Flexink AB, Sweden in India.

During his career spanning 30+ years, Rohit has experienced the practical difficulties and challenges of setting up and profitably running the operations of companies in India.

With a rapidly growing middle class, the Indian consumer market represents a huge opportunity for all products and services. The Government of India, through its Make in India and other programs, offers incentives to domestic and global companies looking to set up operations in India.

Presently based in New Delhi, Rohit now leads the operations of Dezan Shira & Associates in India. Rohit is working close with the German Desk of Dezan Shira and has sound knowledge of German business landscape, as well the culture through travelling frequently in Germany and working with several German companies before. With his experience and knowledge of the opportunities and challenges of running a business profitably in India, he is able to facilitate and assist companies aspiring to set up operations in India through his:

  • Hands-on knowledge and experience of establishing and managing start-ups speedily and profitably in India
  • Ability to identify the appropriate entry strategy into India for potential investors, based on their business model, product lines, supply chain and principal objectives in India.
  • Understanding of the need to communicate effectively and in a timely manner with investors to ensure they are fully informed of the status and health of their entity in India