Richard Mantosh

Richard Mantosh

Advocate (India) | Legal Consultant at Germela Corplegal

Richard Mantosh works as a Legal Consultant at GERMELA CORPLEGAL, Hamburg office. His main focus is on the India Desk: Advising foreign businesses on their transactions in India. He also advises businesses on International Trade compliance and their market entry in Germany.

Prior to this, Richard studied an LL.M. degree at the Universität Hamburg and worked as a Legal Intern at another Global firm in Hamburg. He has also studied B.A., LL.B. degrees in Kolkata, and practised Law as an Advocate at Calcutta High Court & Supreme Court of India.

The exposure to 2 jurisdictions has equipped Richard to effectively deal with a range of regional and cross-border work. Thereby, he has served a diverse clientele over 3 years which includes Non-profits, Start-ups, Multinational Companies, and a State Government.

 Richard also contributes his skills by advocating for Environmental protection, writing Legal articles for publications, as well as speaking at International Law conferences.

Speciality: Labour & Employment | International Trade | Corporate & Commercial