Prof. Peter Kabel

Prof. Peter Kabel

Serial founder in media, technology and design

Prof. Peter Kabel, born July 29th 1962 in Stuttgart, Germany

Founder of several successful companies in the area of media, technology and design – among others: „Büro Hamburg GmbH“ (1991), „Trendbüro Hamburg GmbH“ (1993), „Kabel New Media AG“ (1993) and „Tone Consultants GmbH“ (2001).

From 2004 to 2007 he acted as member of the executive board of „Jung von Matt AG“, one of the most influencial advertising agencies of the German speaking countries.

Since 2007 portfolio management of Lakshmi GmbH – a private equity and vc-firm based in Hamburg. Peter Kabel is founding partner of AECAL GmbH (Asean E-Commerce Alliance) an investment and consulting firm based in Hamburg, Germany focused on the Indian digital ecosystem.

Peter Kabel teaches as full professor at „Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg“ and recieved many mentions for innovation and creativity– inter alia he was decorated as „Entrepreneur of the Year 2001“, an international award founded by Ernest&Young and Deutche Börse AG.