Gopala Krishnan

Gopala Krishnan

Serial Social Entrepreneur

GK is a social entrepreneur working to improve maternal and child health in India. He has cofounded and currently manages a couple of large scale public health projects that directly benefit the health of millions of mothers and children.

His projects include IPAN (an initiative by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics to enhance pediatric care standards; through a digital practice management platform with diagnostic support for it’s member pediatricians), Waybeyond Media (installs and operates television screens in the waiting rooms of pediatricians and gynaecologists, to educate women on maternal and child health issues), Immunizeindia (the world’s largest vaccination reminder service), and Poshan (a maternal education project to educate 25 million women on simple practices to prevent child malnutrition).

Earlier in his career, GK managed venture funded companies in India and China. Three of these were acquired by eVentures India, The Walt Disney Company and Altruist corporation respectively. GK’s work has been the subject of case studies at management schools – Stanford & NUS in 2004, and IESE Barcelona, in 2013.

GK is a nutrition and fitness enthusiast, which helps him maintain a healthy physique, a proactive mindset and an active lifestyle.

Area of expertise: Technology enabled, large scale social ventures in healthcare