Flo Oberhofer

Flo Oberhofer

Serial Entrepreneur, "Der Indien Spezialist", Make-in-India.de, kisanji

Flo Oberhofer’s strong passion for India began in 2011 when he studied at the Department of Management Studies (DoMS) at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) in Chennai. After that he has gained significant experience in Interim Management of MNCs working for a German business consultancy in India. In total he spent more than two and a half years travelling, studying, living and working in India. Straight after accomplishing his B.A. in International Management in 2012 his entrepreneurial journey kicked-off with establishing an Industrial Automation startup in Dubai / United Arab Emirates.

After returning to Germany in 2016, Flo founded Startup2Germany and Startup2India, helping startups from India and Germany to set foot in the respective other market. Nowadays, Flo is focussed on supporting German small- and medium-sized companies being successful in India. As “Der Indien Spezialist” he supports German SMEs with establishing their own companies in India as an Interim-Manager. He also guides existing subsidiaries with solving existing problems and helps them reach their full potential in the Indian market.

In 2017 he co-founded Germany’s first startup coliving and coworking house – hyprspace  in Munich. He continues to be very active in the Indian startup ecosystem and his current activities in India encompass his AgTech social entrepreneurship project kisanji  which aims to help struggling small scale farmers with improving their incomes while at the same time growing healtier fruits and vegetables.