Christoph Goeller

Christoph Goeller

Co-Founder, Coolar

Christoph is a co-founder of Coolar, a Berlin based start-up that develops sustainable and electricity-free cooling systems for storing lifesaving medicine and vaccines at remote health facilities in developing regions without reliable electricity.
The Coolar system turns the root cause of the problem of overheating pharmaceuticals – heat from the sun – into the solution, by powering its cooling with solar thermally heated water instead of electricity. The system is 100% water based and requires no harmful refrigerants or other hazardous substances and can therefore set a new sustainable standard as the world turns towards more environmentally friendly cooling technologies following the implementation of the 2016 Kigali agreement around the world.

Since India is a vast and diverse country with both high-tech and industrial clusters, as well as yet to be developed rural villages, Coolar is looking for both partners and users in India. Christoph has been leading the search for potential partnerships in India by presenting Coolar to then Minister of Commerce and Industry Nirmala Sitharaman on her visit to Berlin, by joining the Start-up Asia Berlin network’s delegation to Bangalore, as well as the Bangalore based SIGMA accelerator programme in 2017. In January 2018 Coolar conducted its first field study in collaboration with health authorities in South India. Apart from that Christoph leads Coolar’s business development, marketing and fundraising activities.

Before starting his work on Coolar in 2014 Christoph worked for Robert Bosch GmbH in Taipei at the business unit for rotating machines that was responsible for marketing a variety automotive spare parts to the Asia Pacific region – including compressors for cooling applications. During his studies he spent some time in China, where he was confronted with the adverse environmental effects of economic success and convinced of the absolute necessity of making human social and economic activity ecologically sustainable.

Christoph is a passionate practitioner of Taekwon-Do and has practiced various other martial arts since his teenage years.