Augusto Pellarini

Augusto Pellarini

Board Member Area & Transformation Data Security, Legal and Compliance, Deutsche Telekom AG

Augusto Pellarini started his carrier at Arthur Andersen with projects in the TMT sector.  He has 20+ years of experience in Corporate Finance and Strategic Consulting related functions. He got connected to India in 1997 when he traveled to Delhi and Mumbai to perform a market entry study in India for Soehnle Scales, a hidden champion company from Germany.

Augusto Pellarini, currently based in Bonn (Germany) works in several capacities. He is CFO at Devas Multimedia Pvt. Ltd in Bangalore, India a shareholding of Deutsche Telekom and serves as Advisor to the Executive Board Member Data Security, Legal and Compliance at Deutsche Telekom in India related matters. In the past he worked in Washington, DC for Deutsche Telekom Entities with regards to investment opportunities in Innovation, Technology, Startups and Multilateral Institutions (The World Bank, IFC, Inter-American Development Bank, PAHO). His network spans out across Europe, the US and Asia especially India. His passion is to bridge ecosystems and enable new business opportunities, including also socially impacting opportunities for emerging and developing markets (poverty reduction, health care).

Fields of Interest:
Digitization, Scouting startups with high-growth potential, extend contacts to venture capital investors and entrepreneurs to discuss strategic and corporate development.
Tech Revolution (Digital Disruption and connected Ecosystems).

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Twitter: @iPellarini